Megiflex Couplings

Optimal blend of performance & durability,



Megiflex Coupling



Megiflex Coupling

-Aavailable in eight different versions and features more than 30 sizes


-Available torque range 10– 3.125 Nm


-Easy installation as elements either assembled axial bolted or plugged in


-Low number of components


Megiflex Coupling

Torsional highly flexible coupling with a modular design and robust elastic element for excellent multi directional misalignment compensation capacity.


The Highly Flexible VULKAN-MEGIFLEX-B Couplings are torsionally flexible with an excellent multi-directional misalignment compensation capacity. They are shock absorbing and have good electrical isolation and noise attenuation properties.



Megiflex Coupling

Through its modular design; it can endure high radial, axial and angular displacements and as a torsionally flexible cardan shaft, the Megiflex can be used in various applica-tions for the highest solution flexibility.


High performance with zero backlash, effective vibration damping and a high displacement capacity guarantee the protection of connected machinery and thus a high availability of the drive system.



Flexible and rigidly mounted engines in the low power range


Various designs, Flange/Flange, Shaft/Shaft, Cardanic shafts



Flexible Element


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