S.I.T.I Gear


Zero-Max A/S are the Skandinavien approved distributor and stockist for SITI S.p.A.



SITI GearBoxes:


- Manufactured in Europe


- Available Ex-Stock DK


- Interchangeable with STM RMI, Bonfiglioli

MVF & Spaggiari SW range.


- Single, double & pre-stage reduction options.


- IEC or solid shaft input assembly


- Hollow bore or solid shaft output.


- Various accessories include output flanges, torque arms, torque limiters & modular feet

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Main Catalog

Wind Turbine Parts:

Adjustabble Speed Drives


Coupling Composite Disc(comming soon)

Overhung Load Adaptors


Torque limiters(comming soon)

Cardan shafts(comming soon)

Composite Disc Couplings

Wind turbine Parts(comming soon)

Linear Actuators

ServoClass Couplings


Overload Safety Device

MEGIFlex Couplings



Schmidt Coupling

SITI Gears(comming soon)

Back-Run Safety Mechanisms(comming soon)

Control Flex Couplings

Crown Gear

Spur Gear and Racks

Habix Coupling


Locking Assembly Shrinck Disc

Flex Tire Coupling


Phase Adjusting Hubs

HRC Coupling(comming soon)



ALS Coupling