Spur gears and racks

Rack & Pinion Drive



Rack and Pinion Drive



Rack and Pinion Drive

For a wide range of branches:


- Machine tools


- Drive and automation technology


- Robotics and handling


- Plastics and film processing machines


- Woodworking machines


Rack and Pinion Drive

Unique and perfectly matching rack and pinion drives.


The development, design and production of drive technology with a special focus on racks and spur gears as well as other

gearing elements – have been at the centre of business activities at WMH Herion formore than 60 years.



Rack and Pinion Drive

The combination of low-backlash planetary gearboxes with high-precision pinions and racks is extremely energy efficient, precise, dynamic and convincing thanks to the long service life. Rack and pinion drives from WMH Herion and VOGEL enable machine gantries weighing tonnes to be accelerated dynamically and positioned accurately down

to the μm range.




With high precision and load-bearing capacity as well

as smooth running properties, the pinions from WMH Herion are extremely reliable power transmitters even during continuous operation.



Precision-ground racks from WMH Herion allow the

rotary movement of the pinion to be transformed exactly into a linear movement.

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