Wind Turbine Coupling Composite Disc

Patented, Proven Disc Coupling Design



Composite Disc Coupling



Composite Disc Coupling

-Suitable for both onshore and offshore turbines


-Robust torque capacity with current designs capable of handling up to 200,000Nm


-High misalignment capability


-Extreme fatigue endurance in a lightweight package


-Designed & engineered to perform in new OEM turbines or existing drivetrain applications


-Can directly interchange with most wind turbines’ original high-speed shaft couplings


-Lightweight design for easy installation on the production floor or in cramped up-tower environments; drops in between existing flanges


-All components meet or exceed C4 high corrosion resistance standards


-Lower life cycle cost (LCC)


-Repeatable, consistent quality


-Fully tested for handling loads beyond the application


-Ideal for wind turbine use in difficult power grid conditions


-Maintain performance in extreme temperatures: -57° to 121°C (-71° to 250°F)


Composite Disc Coupling

Patented, Proven Disc Coupling Design


Zero-Max’s flexible composite disc wind turbines feature a unique, patented composite disc design that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Capable of withstanding up to 200,000 Nm of torque, these overload safety couplings allow a surplus of parallel and axial misalignment while remaining torsionally rigid through all harmonic ranges of the wind turbine’s oscillating load.


Our flexible, dielectric composite disc couplings provide electrical isolation to nullify current leaks from the generator into the gearbox, preventing damage to bearings and teeth. Intelligent design minimizes reaction loads while providing the required torsional stiffness value to suit drivetrain requirements.


The composite materials used in our wind turbine disc couplings are designed and tested to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures from -57° to 121°C (-71° to 250°F). Center spacers are manufactured from composite, steel, or aluminum.


The couplings themselves are fully tested and refined to handle loads well beyond the needs of the application. They are proven to perform with no maintenance for 20-plus years through testing under conditions simulating a 20-year torque load spectrum of continuous operation.


Used on conjunction with our wind turbine torque limiters, our composite disc couplings provide the highest level of overall protection for modern wind turbine drivetrain requirements.


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