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ZERO-MAX Inc. responds to worldwide interest in the Variable Speed Drive by developing an organization of power transmission distributors.



1950’s thru 1960’s

ZERO-MAX Inc.steadily grows as a national and international manufacturer. It expands the variable speed drive concept into a full line of models and sizes to meet the many needs of many different kinds of applications.




Miki Pulley starts up collaboration with ZERO-MAX Corp. about mechanical variable speed transmission drive.




Miki Pulley starts up collaboration with ZERO-MAX Corp. about mechanical variable speed transmission drive.




To meet continued growth, ZERO-MAX Inc. occupies an all new and greatly expanded manufacturing facility in west suburban Minneapolis.




ZERO-MAX Inc. acquires "Indutrans A/S" of Silkeborg, Denmark and establishes ZERO-MAX A/S. ZERO-MAX A/S (Indutrans A/S) was founded in 1977, the company has more than 25 years of experience.



October 2009

As a result of continued growth in the wind business ZERO-MAX A/S move in to an all new building with highly modern facilities for developing, test and production of mechanical power transmission products.



Medio 2009

Based on the long business relations and the key competences within the wind business and the technical knowhow within mechanical transmission, we expanded the ZERO-MAX group by a new subsidiary in China (Tianjin) to serve the Chinese wind Industry with our high quality products.

Who we are

ZERO-MAX A/S is a part of Miki Pulley group, which is a strong partner for mechanical engineering throughout the world.


We deal with resolving all forms of transmission tasks and makes solutions through the Group's own products as well as our cooperation partners.


ZERO-MAX A/S is located in Hårup close to Silkeborg, where the company's talented and knowledgeable employees are sitting.

Here all are working in accordance with the Group's joint approach to serving our partners with sustainable solutions.


Companies in the group are working closely together to create customized solutions and to exploit both the knowledge and capacity for the benefit of our customers.


ZERO-MAX products are used as retro-fit solutions into existing solutions. But given the great flexibility advantageously used for new development, which we also like to participate in with our competencies within transmissions.

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Main Catalog

Wind Turbine Parts:

Adjustabble Speed Drives


Coupling Composite Disc(comming soon)

Overhung Load Adaptors


Torque limiters(comming soon)

Cardan shafts(comming soon)

Composite Disc Couplings

Wind turbine Parts(comming soon)

Linear Actuators

ServoClass Couplings


Overload Safety Device

MEGIFlex Couplings



Schmidt Coupling

SITI Gears(comming soon)

Back-Run Safety Mechanisms(comming soon)

Control Flex Couplings

Crown Gear

Spur Gear and Racks

Habix Coupling


Locking Assembly Shrinck Disc

Flex Tire Coupling


Phase Adjusting Hubs

HRC Coupling(comming soon)



AlS Coupling