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Who we are today

With ground-breaking products, a company culture based on continuous improvement and a focus on people, Zero-Max has become a worldwide leader in precision motion controls. Our history is built on innovative technology and superior products that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


By that Zero-Max has grown an international reputation for excellence. We are known throughout the world for our premium products, experienced staff, and clean manufacturing processes. With a number of world partners and distributors, we can deliver your motion control solution.

Proven Technology

It all began in 1949, when Minnesota inventor Sterling Stageberg designed a unique mechanical variable speed transmission drive. Stageberg's design varied the output speed from a constant input from zero to maximum. Initially, it was used on automotive windshield wipers and became an instant success. The product filled an important industry need at the time, which helped launch the company. It also provided the idea for the Zero-Max brand, a name carried on all of today's Zero-Max products sold throughout the world.

Culture of Excellence

What makes a company great? It is having great people. Zero-Max has established a goal to attract and recruit highly motivated and talented people. It is those people, who make our company an effective and responsive supplier to some of the most demanding customers in the world.


If Zero Max A/S makes an error, we will go to great lengths to correct it and make it right with our customer. Once the customer is satisfied and we have corrected the issue in the eyes of our customer, our system will then evaluate the situation and find the root cause and take steps to implement a change that will prevent further occurrences. This is our culture of continuous improvement in action.


Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Zero-Max A/S is keen to define & deliver high quality products and services to target customers: Must correctly identify the customers’ needs and requirements and communicate this to our product designers.

At Zero-Max we use several tools to ensure the quality that a customer requires. In the past where we have delivered customized transmission solutions to many different parts of the business, we have developed professional competencies, that ensure the quality of the work we do, both in terms of the physical product but also in the decisions we are involved in together with our customers.


To ensure full focus on quality we, as well as being ISO9001 certified has chosen to carry out internal audits.This process is controlled by an independent consultant and this extraordinary process of development and - checks are conducted 4 times annually. For each internal audit a report are compiled to evaluate the areas that has been audited for example deviations, improvements and responsibility.

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Main Catalog

Wind Turbine Parts:

Adjustabble Speed Drives


Coupling Composite Disc(comming soon)

Overhung Load Adaptors


Torque limiters(comming soon)

Cardan shafts(comming soon)

Composite Disc Couplings

Wind turbine Parts(comming soon)

Linear Actuators

ServoClass Couplings


Overload Safety Device

MEGIFlex Couplings



Schmidt Coupling

SITI Gears(comming soon)

Back-Run Safety Mechanisms(comming soon)

Control Flex Couplings

Crown Gear

Spur Gear and Racks

Habix Coupling


Locking Assembly Shrinck Disc

Flex Tire Coupling


Phase Adjusting Hubs

HRC Coupling(comming soon)



AlS Coupling