Torque Tender

Servoclass Coupling

Crowen Gear Drive



To help in the designing process, consider these Zero-Max options:

ServoClass couplings – low inertia, high speed, torsionally stiff clamp style hub servo motor coupling for demanding applications.

Schmidt couplings – capable of transmitting rotational power between two shafts with 17” of parallel offset. Torque capacities up to 459,000 in-lbs.

Adjustable Speed Drives – infinitely variable speed control for mechanical systems.

Crown Gear Drives – light weight, durable right angle gear box with spiral bevel gearing.

Torq-Tenders – overload safety couplings that are tamper resistant, mechanical torque limiter. 

Roh’Lix – linear actuators for converting rotary motion into precise linear motion, with travel rates up to 70 inches per second. 

Phas- Lok – simple and positive phase adjustment for chain drives, and timing pulleys.


Dynamometer & Test Machinery Couplings

Today’s automation and specialty machines cover the complete spectrum of industries, from medical and food processing to military hardware and assembly systems. All are designed to do things faster and with low or no labor input. All of these automated systems and machines require power train connections to various types of servo and other types of motors. Virtually all of these systems require precision and high speed performance – key benefits provided by Zero-Max motion control products.

For many years, Zero-Max has been a trusted and approved designer of motion system products for the automation and specialty machine industry. Zero-Max understands the increasingly higher performance demands and designs its products to meet those requirements.