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Floating Shaft

The Composite Disc Floating Shaft Coupling is a zero backlash and torsionally stiff spacer coupling, yet provides superior misalignment capacity. Additionally, the patented Composite Disc provides excellent support for the floating shaft component with very little radial loads on the connected equipment and bearings. Precision hardware and precise machining ensures smooth and accurate operation of the floating shaft spacer coupling.

Withstand the punishment and stress of a servo motor. In comparison, other couplings may have high torsional stiffness specifications; however they can be too brittle to withstand the punishment of high speed reversing applications.

The working part is made of high precision composite material. The Patented design has high torsional stiffness and yet allow for misalignment in high stress applications. Composite Disc Couplings have excellent Chemical and moisture resistance and oprate without maintenance in hostile environments.


Floating Shaft

  • Zero Backlash

  • Torsionally Stiff

  • Excellent for Reversing Loads

  • Very Low Reaction Loads

  • Available in both set screw and clamp style hubs

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Floating Shaft


Floating Shaft Spacer Couplings

For long spans between motion components, Zero-Max floating shaft spacer couplings may be the answer you need. We offer spacer couplings in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, with A, B, and clamp style hubs, making it easy to find the right fit for your application.

Dynamic Balancing for Floating Shaft Couplings

The close tolerances at which we manufacture our composite disc floating shaft couplings, along with the composite disc pack itself, make these devices especially well-suited to high speed and/or long-span applications. However, dynamic balancing of the floating shaft coupling may sometimes be required.

Coupling Misalignment

In most cases, the misalignment capacity of our composite disc floating shaft couplings is related to the speed at which they operate and the mass of the floating shaft itself (governed by its diameter and length). By reducing the allowable misalignment, and therefore the stress on the disc, the disc pack can better support and stabilize the floating shaft. This ultimately results in smoother operation, less vibration of the connected equipment, and longer coupling life.

Custom Floating Shaft Composite Disc Couplings

To meet your unique application and performance requirements, Zero-Max can provide custom floating shaft couplings and spacer couplings. Numerous factors can be tailored to your needs—bore diameter, torsional stiffness, misalignment capacity, and more—to give you the perfect composite disc coupling for your application. Contact us today to discuss your custom coupling specifications.

Setscrew Type Hubs

Clamp Type Hubs

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