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Flex Tire Coupling

Flex tire shaft couplings combines all the advantages which can be expected of an ideal flexible coupling.

Flex tire shaft couplings is a high flexible tire-coupling which can because of the special build tire take an extreme big misalignment at a low restoring force in each direction without noticing this in the wear.

Flex tire shaft couplings is a torsional flexible coupling which offers a wide spectrum of cases of applications to the technical designers and the engineers by combining the different types of steel flanges for many different applications.


Flex Tire Coupling

  • Flanges offered with:
    taper bush or final bored.
  • Components -combined as needed.
  • Max. Speed from 4,500-1,000 min-1
  • Max. Torque from 64 – 42,740 Nm

All the advantages


Flex Tire Coupling

Because of a factory-installed joint the tire can, according to standard be radially assembled and disassembled without shifting the connected engines.

The tire with fabric inside is either made of natural rubber or of Neoprene in fire resistant, antistatic and oil resistant execution and it is also used in duties with EX Operations according to the regulations 94/9/EG (ATEX).

Tires made of natural rubber are suitable for ambient temperatures between -50°C and +50°C.
Tire with ATEX are suitable for ambient temperatures between -15°C and +70°C.

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