Innovative flexsible coupling technology

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Habix Couplings

The advantage of the all-round-machined Habix couplings is the precision of the operating characteristic as well as the increaseddurability.

Habix couplings are distorsion-free up to the breaking load of the cast iron jaws and insure a maximum of operational safety.

A documented and innovative flexsible coupling technology with a sophisticated series of standardized drive elements.


Habix Couplings

  • Servodrive technology
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machinery
  • Automation systems
Documented, Innovative flexsible coupling technology
  • Printing machines
  • Control- and positioning technique
  • Gerneral mechanical engineering


Habix Couplings

The Control-Flex® Disc allows parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignments, and maintaining constant transmission of torque and angular velocity.

High parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignment capabilities with considerably less sideloads on shaft bearings, seals. This increases lifetime of other machine components.

Electrically insulating flex element which increases lifetime of other machine components.

Low weight and inertia reduces power requirements.

Clamp-Style hubs provide zero backlash for precision drives.

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