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ServoClass Coupling

Today’s servo applications are more demanding than ever. The precision positioning requirements and high reverse load characteristic of AC and DC servo motor applications necessitate a servo mortor coupling design that specifically adresses the need of these sophisticated systems.


Zero-Max’s ServoClass, servo motor shaft couplings combine decades of industry leading experience in the manufacture of flexible shaft couplings with unparalleled expertise in motion control solutions.


ServoClass Coupling

  • Available in 11 sizes in single and double disc models.
  • Double disc models provide highest misalignment capability.
  • Operating temperature range is -22° to +212°F (-30° to +100C)
    Torque ratings range from 0.5 to 250Nm.
  • Hubs and center members manufactured of aluminum alloy for strength and durability. Both are treated to prevent oxidation and to preserve appearance.
  • Disc members are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Couplings are precisely assembled using high strength, corrosion resistant fasteners.
    Integral clamp style hubs provide fast, easy mounting.
  • RoHS compliant – manufactured of RoHS compliant materials and contain no banned substances.

Combining decades of industry leading experience
with unparalleled expertice in motion control solutions


ServoClass Coupling

Inertia and Torsional Stiffness
These are critical features of a superior servo motor coupling. The inertia should be low so as not to add significantly to overall inertia of the servo system. The lower the inertia, the less energy required by the servo motor to move the system and therefore, higher acceleration is possible.

The torsional stiffness should be high enough to prevent the coupling from winding up during acceleration, deceleration or reversing conditions. The torsional stiffness of the Zero-Max Servo Motor coupling leads to a higher system resonant frequency, which in most cases, is far above the operating range.

Zero Backlash
This is another key requirement of a high performance servo motor coupling. A servo motor coupling may be considered zero backlash and still have a large amount of windup.
Zero backlash is the ability of the coupling to maintain the same relative relationship between the input and output shaft without lost motion. The windup of the coupling can be detrimental to the servo system. A coupling with a high amount of windup will cause positioning errors to the servo system.
The Zero-Max Servo Motor coupling is a zero backlash coupling and it exhibits a very low amount of windup.

Misalignment Capability
The misalignment capability of a coupling is also important in a servo motion control system. Usually, the alignment of a well manufactured servo system will be very good. Over time and under high load conditions, this alignment may deteriorate.
The coupling should be capable of handling this change. Also, the coupling should accommodate any lack of concentricity in the connected shafts as well as the stack up of tolerances in the motion assembly. Another important benefit of a high misalignment capability is the dispersion of reaction loads on the bearings and bushings in the system.
The Zero-Max servo motor coupling utilizes a design that provides adequate amounts of flexibility but does not sacrifice any of the torque capability or the torsional stiffness capability and therefore minimizes the reaction loads to the servo motor bearings.

ServoClass Single Flex

ServoClass Double Flex

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Zero-Max combines decades of industry leading experience with unparalleled expertise in motion control solutions

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