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Seeder / Feeder Drives

Application: Air Cart.
We have been manufacturing this unit for 15 years and have over 15,000 Seeder Drives in service already.
The product has been virtually trouble‐free.


Seeder / Feeder Drives

The description and specifications for this variable rate Seeder Drive are:

  • 0‐300 rpm input speed
  • Up to a 1:1 ratio of input to output speed
  • 200 in‐lb torque rating, higher torque capacity units can be built.

Customized Solutions


Seeder / Feeder Drives

  • Aluminum housing, (can be left unpainted, if the customer want’s to paint it to match the colors on their Air Cart.
    The typical set‐up for these Seeder Drive units consists of:
  • A step‐up ratio chain drive from the ground wheels to the input shaft of the Seeder Drive unit
  • An electric clutch on the end of the input shaft to disconnect rotation to the input shaft when towing between fields or for shutting off the Drive at the end of a row
  • Two or Three sprockets on the output shaft to offer different ratios beyond the output of the Seeder Drive unit. The different ratios give versatility for different types of seeds or fertilizers that may be used.
  • A mechanical or electric actuator for controlling the ratio on the Seeder Drive
    As far as the control goes, we have a mechanical screw control design that we have offered as an option.
    Most of our OEM customers are adding electric Linear Actuators to the control shaft on the Seeder Drive, and using that to provide a variable rate on‐the‐go. Most of these applications are currently using a push button in the cab of the tractor to adjust the rate on the Seeder Drive, and some are using GPS feedback to control the rate adjustments.
  • Vertical mounting: For a vertical mount, the centerline between the input and output shafts is perpendicular to the ground.
    Horizontal mounting: For a horizontal mount, the centerline between the input and output shafts is parallel to the ground.
    The reason we make this distinction is for the amount of oil fill in the units and the oil plug location.

Output shaft lengths. Depending on how many sprockets you wish to stack upHorizon output for different ratios, you may want a longer or shorter shaft.


  • Roll pin vs. keyway on the output shaft. Most customers are using sprockets on the output, in which case they use a keywayed output shaft. We do have customers that gets an output shaft with a cross‐drilled hole in it, and they mount a hollow tube over the output shaft and connect the shaft and tube with a roll pin. For their application, they are directing the output straight across the Air Cart to drive an auger
  • Output shaft rotation of your choosing.
  • Request for quote, we will quote you once we determine which unit or combination of features from the various units you want.

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