World-Leading Expert In Overhung Load Technology.



ZERO-MAX – A World-Leading Expert In Overhung Load Technology.

Zero-Max has set the industry standard with the overhung load adaptor design.The first complete line of SAE “A” through SAE “F” mount overhung load adaptors was designed by Zero-Max.



  • Eliminates premature motor or pump failure due to overhung loads (axial and radial) on your motor or pump shaft


  • Prevents contamination of hydraulic fluid in harsh environments


  • Provides a solid, permanent mounting surface


  • Permits the removal of hydraulic motors for servicing without disturbing driven gears, pulleys or sprockets


  • Seals out dirt and grime


  • Removes radial loads from hydraulic motors and pumps – technology for the agriculture, forestry, and road construction markets

Increases Motor Durability And Life.



  • From the smallest Model 200 SAE “A” mount to the largest Model 1500 SAE “F” mount, overhung load adapters feature rugged cast iron housings
  • 130,000 PSI stress-proof steel shafts, ball or tapered roller bearings
  • A variety of shaft options, including spline shafts and attractively painted housings
  • All models may be either face or foot-mounted. We offer many custom options or we’ll create a special design for your application when needed
  • Immediate shipment of standard models from stock

Zero Max

Our gobal perspektive makes it possible to provide our customer with quality products at competitive pricing to any location

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Zero-Max combines decades of industry leading experience with unparalleled expertise in motion control solutions

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