Dynamometer Couplings & Test Machinery Couplings

Torque Tender

Composite Disc Coupling

Schmidt Coupling



To help in the designing process, consider these Zero-Max options:


CD Couplings – high angular misalignment with high speed performance. Zero-Max excels at special designs of spacer couplings to meet the needs of demanding applications.


Schmidt couplings – high torque precise couplings for parallel offset shafts.


Torq Tenders – couplings built with machine component safety in mind.


Dynamometer & Test Machinery Couplings

Handling high stress input speeds and output loads is critical to heavy-duty dynamometer and test machinery perfor-mance. The coupling must perform perfectly so that performance information generated by the dynamometer and similar test equipment is completely accurate.


Zero-Max couplings provide a full range of coupling designs including custom designed couplings to handle every dynamometer and test machine’s coupling requirements.

Zero-Max CD® couplings are the ideal choice for consistently accurate output testing in heavy-duty dynamometers because they provide the ideal combination of high dynamic load capacity and high torsional stiffness to ensure reliable system operation. They are a better alternative than overly cumbersome steel disc couplings, because they can be designed to fit in a much smaller envelope.




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