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Type B

Through Shaft Mount – Type B  

Through Shaft Mount – Type B The Through Shaft Mount is intended to have a shaft pass though the full length of the Torq-Tender. A component such as a sprocket or sheave is mounted externally on the Torq-Tender. When an overload occurs, the driven component will stop rotating while the driving component (shaft, pulley, sprocket etc.) will continue to rotate. A sleeve bearing (bronze bushing) is an integral part of the design that supports the side load created by the mounted component and allowing the housing to rotate on the shaft during an overload.  

Note: An external keyway in the hub and retaining ring is standard on this design.  

Through-Shaft Torq-Tenders with Actuating Disc – Type BD  

Through-Shaft Torq-Tenders with Actuating Pin – Type BP